Persimmon and Brie Mini Sandwiches


I know it’s been persimmon-palooza around here for a while, but this will likely be the last persimmon recipe until next Fall. I had some left over persimmon after making this salad for Thanksgiving, so I sliced them into wedges and made these little appetizer sandwiches, which people seemed to really like! You could use any kind of cheese, really…but do make sure you choose Fuyu persimmons (the squat tomato looking ones that are eaten when crunchy and don’t leave a pasty taste in your mouth like those soft oblong ones). If you can’t find persimmons, you could also use pears or apples. This is an easy cocktail hour snack to serve before dinner, and can easily be made ahead. Enjoy!

Persimmon Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! Jonathan and I left the woods for the beach and we’re spending the holiday weekend with my family in Santa Barbara. I am blogging for Better Homes and Gardens now, so I tried their New Cranberry Sauce recipe this year and it’s delicious! It has onions, garlic and persimmon, which give it a fantastic flavor. For more photos of this dish and my beachy Thanksgiving, check out today’s post on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Persimmon Squash Salad


Persimmons are my favorite autumn fruit and I was so excited to share this recipe on Design Sponge on Friday- it’s a great, alternative Thanksgiving side salad. Trees around the Bay Area are bursting with persimmons right now and my friend, photographer Topher Simon, let me come over and pick from (and photograph!) his tree. Be sure when eating persimmons raw you choose the Fuyu variety- they are more squat and crunchy. The other more oblong variety leave a pasty taste in your mouth when eaten raw- they  are meant for cooking with.

Check out the Design Sponge post of this recipe for more photos and detailed instructions. Enjoy!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

Bloody Mimosa


Citrus is in season, so why not add a bit of it to cocktail hour?! This drink lies somewhere between a blood orange champagne cocktail and a mimosa and using rose brut gives it the most dreamy color. Perfect at brunch or anytime!

photos and illustration © Erin Gleeson