Apple & Honey Galette


Have I told you that The Forest Feast cookbook is out in other languages now? Yes! It’s out in German and Dutch (and more languages coming soon!)

Since tonight is the beginning of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) and it’s traditional to eat apples and honey, I though I’d share this simple dessert recipe from the book, which was a favorite on my blog: an Apple & Honey Galette (or Appel & Honing Taart or Apfel-Honig-Galette!)

Enjoy and Shana Tova!

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Spiced Pomegranate Apple Cider


On my recent trip to Spain, I bought these adorable Moroccan tea glasses in Granada, sold all over the city because of its Moorish history. I drink a lot of tea during the week, but when hosting a holiday party, I like to make a big pot of cider. It makes the house smell so cozy as guests walk in.

Did you know that the word granada means pomegranate in Spanish?! I learned this as I saw pomegranate trees full of fruit growing all over the Granada- so amazing. Because of this, I was inspired to add fresh pomegranates to cider. I simmered apple juice, pomegranate juice and spices, then garnished each cup with fresh pomegranate seeds and an apple slice decorated with cloves. I think this would be a fun after-dinner drink on Thanksgiving Day to cozy up by the fire with (plus, it can be spiked with bourbon for the adults!).

For the recipe, click on over to my full post (with more photos!) on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

Cheers…And Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

Photos & Illustration by Erin Gleeson

Apple Galette


I grew up on an apple orchard, so I know my apples! And this time of year is the absolute BEST for fresh, crisp, juicy, flavorful apples. (None of that mushy mealy stuff!) The farmers markets are brimming with them right now, and lots of orchards offer picking. This dish is a more savory version of my recent apple and honey galette, so you can see the full recipe there. But basically you just spread slices of brie on pie dough (1 small wedge?), layer with apple slices (1-2 apples?), then sprinkle with herbs de provence, olive oil and salt before baking for about 20 min at 350. You can substitute brie with any soft cheese and other herbs like rosemary or thyme as well.


By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

Butternut Apple Tart


I know fall is here when my CSA starts to brim with apples and squash. This savory tart is very comforting when the weather starts to cool. I used a pre-made pie crust, but you can certainly make your own. It works for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is great with an herb side salad. This recipe concludes my guest recipe series at Anthology Magazine, please click here for more pictures and details. Bon Appetit!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

L'Shanah Tovah


The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana starts today which marks the beginning of the New Year on the Jewish calendar. To sweeten the New Year it is traditional to eat apples and honey and round foods which signify the annual cycle. To kick off the High Holidays, we have a couple of big meals with friends and family and this year I am making this apple and honey galette. It’s an easy dessert and you only need 2 apples! You can really use any kind of soft cheese, but I used brie. Serve it warm or at room temperature.

L'Shanah Tovah (Happy New Year!)

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast