Persimmon Squash Salad


Persimmons are my favorite autumn fruit and I was so excited to share this recipe on Design Sponge on Friday- it’s a great, alternative Thanksgiving side salad. Trees around the Bay Area are bursting with persimmons right now and my friend, photographer Topher Simon, let me come over and pick from (and photograph!) his tree. Be sure when eating persimmons raw you choose the Fuyu variety- they are more squat and crunchy. The other more oblong variety leave a pasty taste in your mouth when eaten raw- they  are meant for cooking with.

Check out the Design Sponge post of this recipe for more photos and detailed instructions. Enjoy!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

Pesto Deviled Eggs


Pesto Deviled Eggs! A fun appetizer when entertaining (or on your own while cooking dinner with a martini!). The avocado replaces some of the mayo and yolk in the filling so they are creamier and lighter. More photos and the full recipe are in my Guest Recipes post in Anthology Magazine this week.

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

Heirloom Tomato and Parmesan Quiche


The heirlooms that are coming in our CSA box right now are so flavorful! I sliced them up and laid them in a quiche for a light dinner with salad. I bought a roll of pre-made pie crust, but you could certainly make your own. For a richer egg mixture, use cream instead of milk. Depending on the size of your pie dish, this make take more or less than 40 minutes to cook- just give it a jiggle in the oven to see if the egg had hardened. You can lay foil over the top of the quiche half way through cooking to keep your crust from getting too brown. Serve warm or at room temperature with salt and pepper.

Photos, Illustration and Recipe by Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast