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Print & Online Articles/Interviews:


MindBodyGreen, How To Throw A Mediterranean Dinner Party, Sept 2019


Family Traveller: How Cooking With Your Kids Can Keep Travel Memories Alive, Sept 2019.

Chowhound, Best New Cookbooks for Fall, Sept 2019

CNN: By Teaching Kids to Cook, Science Says They’ll Make Healthier Choices as Adults. (FF Kids is a suggested cookbook) Aug 2018

Mercury News: A Thanksgiving Feast for Vegetarians and Omnivores Alike. Nov 2016.

Amazon: The Forest Feast is included in Amazon's 100 Books for a Lifetime of Cooking & Drinking, Oct 2016. via CNN.

Top 25 Cooking Bloggers, Oct 2016. via Thoroughly Reviewed

Amazon: The Forest Feast Gatherings is included in Amazon's Best Books of the Month, October 2016.

Cosmopolitan Magazine, 21 Cookbooks to help you cook like you're not in college anymore. Sept 2016.

The Guardian (UK newspaper, print & online), July 2016, Interview, My Kitchen is a Cabin in the Woods

Red Tricycle, A Local Food Bloggers New Book Makes Greens Easier to Swallow. May 2016.

Freelance Wisdom, Interview. May 2016.

San Francisco Magazine (print & online), Feb. 2016, A Feast for The Eyes

Mother Magazine (online) Feb. 2016, 3 Must-Try Recipes from The Forest Feast for Kids

Mother Magazine: Pregnancy Style: The Forest Feast’s Erin Gleeson

PBS Food (online) Feb 2016, Hottest Cookbooks of February 2016

Parents’ Magazine (online), Feb. 2016, Lucky Kids Get Their Own Forest Feast

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (print & online), Feb. 2016, Erin Gleeson’s Recipes Get Kids Feasting on Veggies

San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 2015 (print and online). “Roll Through the Holidays with a Well-Stocked Bar Cart.” Showing the bar carts of 5 different designers. By Anh-Minh Le.

Sunshine and Rose´, July 2015. “Inspire Series” Interview + photos

Italian Elle Magazine, May 2015. Feature of recipes from the Italian version of The Forest Feast Cookbook, Naturalmente Goloso.

Anthology Magazine, April 2015: Prized Possession (my orange tree settee)

Corriere della Sera (Italian Newspaper- print and online), April 2015: Vegetarian Recipes of Naturalmente Goloso

Marie Claire (Italian), Nov. 2014: Cookbooks to Gift for Christmas

O, the Oprah Magazine: (Print) July 2014 Issue. One-page feature on page 25.

The Huffington Post: (online) July 2014. Food Blogger Erin Gleeson Shares Secrets for Turning Meals into Works of Art.

The Press Democrat newspaper (print and online), July 2014: A Feast for the Palate

InStyle Magazine (online), July 2014: Throw a Pinterest Worth 4th of July Party with a Forest Feast Menu

InStyle Magazine (online), May 2014: Throw a Gorgeous Dinner Party with The Forest Feast

Country Living Magazine (online), Spring 2014: Cabin Tour!

San Francisco Chronicle (print + online), April 2014: Bloggers Dreamy Cabin in the Woods (interview & cabin tour)

The Kitchn, April 2014: Cookbook review of The Forest Feast

Epicurious, April 2014: Cookbook Review & Avocado Egg-in-a-Hole Recipe

The Telegraph (newspaper-print + online), April 2014: A Forest Feast, Vegetarian Recipes from a Cabin in the Woods

Self Magazine, April 2014: Green, Eco-Friendly Bloggers to Follow for your Earth Day Eats

Sweet Paul, April 2014: My Happy Dish: Rosemary Skewers (recipe from the book)

SF Weekly, April 2014: The Forest Feast: Author Erin Gleeson’s Watercolor Recipes

J Weekly, April 2014: Cabin in the woods inspires new career for food blogger

Gather Journal blog, April 2014: Into the Woods: The Forest Feast Becomes a Book

Delightful Crumb, April 2014: A Map for the Rest of Us (Cookbook Review & Strawberry Cucumber Ribbon Salad)

Powell’s Books blog, April 2014: Handpicked: New Cookbooks for April

Betty Magazine, April 2014: The Forest Feast (book review)

IACP Award, Best Photo Based Culinary Blog Finalist 2014

PBS Food, December 2013: Ten Best Food Blogs of 2013

People Magazine (print), November 2013: Fall Quinoa Salad

Half Moon Bay Review Newspaper, Nov. 2013: California to New York and Back

One Kings Lane, September 2013: Coolest Websites

Mashable, September 2013: 75 Instagram Accounts Every Foodie Should Follow

Self Magazine (online), July 2013: Easy Lettuce Cups Recipes

Kohler’s design blog, June 2013: Q&A with Erin Gleeson of The Forest Feast

Food 52, June 2013: Halfway to Dinner - 1 bag of avocados, 5 dinners

The Kitchn, May 2013: 4 Vegetarian Feasts from the Farmer’s Market

The Forward, May 2013: “A Feast of the Forest: When a Food Lover Moves to the Woods"

Nadel & Gabel, May 2013: Foodblogs I love: The Forest Feast

Saveur Magazine, April 2013: Best Food Blog Award Finalist

Which Wardwrobe, March 2013: Feature: Erin Gleeson of the Forest Feast

SF Girl By Bay, January 2013: Recipe series feature

Huffington Post Taste, October 2012: Farro Beet Salad Recipe

Design Sponge, October 2012: “In the Kitchen With” Column, Beer Float recipe

Design Sponge, November 2012: “In the Kitchen With” Column, Persimmon Squash Salad

Umami Mart, November 2012: Recap of The Forest Feast Art Exhibit

Trendhunter, September 2012: Visual Vegetarian Recipe Guides

The Kitchn, August 2012: Delicious Links, Watermelon Salad

Food 52, August 2012: A New Guest to the Taco Party

Cup of Jo, July 2012:  The Best Peach Tart You’ll Ever Have

Edible San Francisco, June 2012: Strawberry Caprese

Bon Appetit, June 2012, online: Can the Cream! Save Your Strawberries for These Summer Salads (my Strawberry Cucumber Salad was featured)

Swiss Miss, May 2012: Asparagus Tart

Miss Moss, April 2012: The Forest Feast (feature)

Weldon Owen Publishing, March 2012: Fresh New Food Blog We Love 


Podcast Interviews:

The Dinner Special with Gabriel Soh. A conversation about entertaining and my newest book, The Forest Feast Gatherings. Nov 2016.

One Part Podcast by Jessica Murnane, Interview: Doing it Because You Love It. July 2015

Balance, by Jamie Godfrey, Episode # 20. June 2015. (interview starts at 10 minute mark)

People I Think Are Coolby Liz Reed, May 2015 (interview starts at 5 minute mark)

The Food Seen with Michael Harlan Turkell on Heritage Radio Network, April 2014