Yellow Squash Ribbon Quiche



With 2 picky toddlers, lately we’ve been having what feels like weeknight dinner fails. Much of the food ends up on the floor and by the end someone is in tears (usually me, just kidding). I just assumed that since we eat so many vegetables our kids would love them too, but man was I wrong! We go through phases, and re-introducing things helps, but it’s not like they’ll sit down and eat a salad (yet!). I am fairly confident they will turn into vegetable-loving adults, but in the meantime I just want them to ingest something green (or yellow, or red). I don’t love the idea of sneaking the veggies into food, as I’d rather they know what they are having, but sometimes I just want to make sure some veg is making its way down. (That’s usually when I break down and make a peanut butter-banana-spinach smoothie for dessert.)

Our boys will never turn down scrambled eggs, and they don’t seem to mind or notice when I finely grate some yellow squash or even zucchini in there. This week I’m going to try this quiche on them (minus the herbs probably). Anyone have favorite toddler-approved veg dishes?! 


6 eggs

handful grated cheese (any kind)

1/3 c milk (I use almond, but can be any kind. Cream or half-n-half will make it more rich and custardy)

a pinch of salt

one small yellow squash (crooked neck or zucchini shaped ones work)

store-bought pie crust

Mix the eggs, cheese, milk and salt in a bowl and pour the mixture into a pie dish lined with pie crust. (I don't pre-bake the crust because I don't mind it occasionally doughy at the bottom, but you could if you don't mind the extra step and time.) Use a potato peeler to make ribbons from one small yellow squash and lay them all around in the egg mixture, pressing them down a bit under the egg. Sprinkle fresh thyme on top, plus more salt and pepper if you wish. Bake at 375F for 35-40 minutes or until set.



Watermelon Tomato Salad


Hope everyone had a fun Labor Day weekend! Guess what- we had a baby boy! Little Ezra has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited, grateful, happy or in awe! Now we are a forest family.

As we enjoy these last days of summer, I thought I’d share a recipe that I did for the current issue of Remedy Quarterly, a fantastic foodie magazine that everyone should know about.


Peach Caprese


I recently went peach picking at a friend’s place up in Sonoma County and came back with a TON of peaches! (thanks for all your peach recipe ideas!)

Here’s a simple summer twist on the classic Caprese salad: just add peaches! For the full post with more photos and details, click over to my post on the Better Homes & Gardens blog.

Strawberry Caprese Bites


For an easy summer appetizer just stack a strawberry, a mozzarella ball and a leaf of basil on a toothpick! Like my Watermelon Feta Mint bites, they are great for BBQs and picnics as they can easily be made ahead. They were part of a summer entertaining menu I put together for InStyle magazine recently- see the whole menu here!

A feast in the forest


A couple weeks ago I hosted a dinner party that turned out to be one of my favorites, ever. The catch: I’d never met any of the guests before! Cooking a sit down dinner for 18 people at 8 months pregnant felt like quite a feat, but with lots of help, it turned out so well and I had so much fun! 

I hosted the dinner in collaboration with EatWith, a very cool website that helps people host or attend dinner parties in homes all over the world, and has a similar mission to The Forest Feast: to create community through food. EatWith asked me to invite people who I follow and admire online, but who I had never actually met in person. I curated what I think turned out to be an amazing group of creative people. We had a design blogger/stylist, a party/lifestyle blogger, a florist, an architect, a calligraphy artist, a painter, a chef, a maternity fashion maven, a cabin enthusiast, a food writer, a foodie marketing guru, a magazine editor/coworking space founder, and several more. Such an eclectic an inspiring bunch!

I decorated one long table on the deck with greens I picked near the cabin plus lime halves, mini eggplants, kumquats, hot pink carnations and candles. I used a mish-mosh of plates and chairs that I’ve gathered over the years at flea markets. During the cocktail hour we had a spread of nuts, cheeses, fruit, crackers, olives, etc, plus my Guacamole Deviled Eggs, lots of chilled rose´ and a pitcher of Aperol Spritz. For dinner we prepared a buffet table full of summery vegetarian Forest Feast dishes from my cookbook that could be made ahead and served at room temperature: Watermelon Salad, Nectarine Tomato Salad, Kale Caesar with Polenta Croutons, Yellow Squash Galette with pesto, Polenta Stuffed Portabellos, Roasted Potato Salad with green beans. Dessert was a mix of chocolates, fruit, cheese, macaroons and Dipped Strawberries from my book.

It turned out to be a perfectly warm evening with a bright pink sunset and no mosquitos(!). Can’t wait to host another dinner party - perhaps after the baby arrives :)

Thanks to EatWith for sponsoring this dinner and thanks to all the lovely guests who trekked out to the woods!