Grilled Cheese Party


A couple weeks ago we threw our 2nd annual Grilled Cheese Party. It was so good last year that we just had to do it again! We were celebrating my friend Nicole’s and my birthday. In the house, we had a table made up with all the fixin’s: several different types of breads and cheeses (all labeled with washi tape), plus lots of spreads and toppings. We had garlic aioli, mayo, fig jam, several mustards, caramelized onions, and arugula, to name a few. Each person made up their sandwich then brought it outside to Jonathan, who was manning the grill, with our biggest skillet and a tub of butter. This way, we could all be outside together and no one was stuck in the kitchen! Coming hot off the grill they are absolutely delicious…I think food cooked outside always tastes better :) Plus, when entertaining outdoors in the winter (even in California) it helps to have a hot grill to stand around to keep warm.

For dessert we had a brownie cake and a pear pie, topped with the cutest bees wax birthday candles from Mohawk Valley Trading Company. I also decorated the deck outside with some of their other candles that they gifted me- I just love them. I have been trying to keep things more “all-natural” around the house, so I like that these candles don’t give off any toxic fumes when burned. Plus, they have a lovely subtle scent of honey.

As the sun went down, we put a big screen outside on the deck, bundled up with blankets and watched a movie around the fire pit. 

Make a wish!

xx, Erin

Greek Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Figs


My first post ever on The Forest Feast was exactly one year ago today! I didn’t really know what I was doing (until this fig recipe a month later), but started it as a way to reinvent myself and my work in a new place. Little did I know what it would become and what a following I would develop!  I can’t tell you how much your encouragement and praise has motivated me to continue and to post regularly, thank you!! It makes me so happy to hear people are actually trying and enjoying my recipes. My wish for TFF’s second year is to get a cookbook off the ground (which is actually looking quite hopeful!)

Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my parfait glass. Bon Appetit!