The Forest Feast Cookbook Turns 1


The Forest Feast cookbook came out exactly one year ago! And what a year it’s been- I feel so lucky. (See the book’s video trailer here). Last May we had a book launch party at Anthropologie in New York City and in October it hit the NY Times Best Seller list (yay!). The book has gotten all kinds of fun press including shout outs in Oprah Magazine and InStyle Magazine plus great reviews from The Kitchn and Epicurious.  I’ve been blown away by how many kind emails and comments I’ve gotten from people all over the world cooking from and enjoying the book. My goal with this book was to share recipes in an artful and approachable way and to encourage people to have fun cooking with fruits and vegetables. And they have! Every day people post photos of Forest Feast recipes they’ve made on Instagram, tagging them #theforestfeast / @theforestfeast. The book is now out in Dutch, German, French and Italian, and likely more coming soon!

Thank you again to everyone who has purchased the book- I hope you have lots of fun cooking from it!