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Kale Tacos


I’ve been getting lots of green garlic and kale in my CSA box lately, so I thought..why not make tacos?! Green garlic is simply young garlic that has been thinned out of the vegetable beds. It resembles and tastes like scallions, but with a more garlicky flavor. It’s often at the farmers market in spring, but you can use scallions if you can’t find it. I cook it with a bit of kale and serve it with black beans inside of warm corn tortillas. Top with some greek yogurt and hot sauce, and a squeeze of lemon, if you like. I like to serve them with a platter of crispy cucumber spears, drizzled with lemon juice, cayenne and garlic salt. Yum! This recipe (with one can of beans) makes enough for about 6 tacos. Enjoy!

Whole Pepper tacos


I got these sweet peppers from my CSA box recently and roasted them up on a baking sheet for 20 minutes at 400º with just a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt. I love how the true flavors of a vegetable come through when that’s all you use! These (banana peppers?) are not as big as bell peppers so one fits perfectly inside each corn tortilla. I feel like I always have leftover quinoa in the fridge (that stuff multiplies!) so we used that instead of rice, along with cottage cheese, avocado slices and my favorite hot sauce, Sriracha. Salt to taste and enjoy (perhaps with this springy cocktail!)

This dish was featured in my recent Food52 post that shared 5 recipes using avocados, yum!

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