Roasted Rosemary Potato Salad


I love this potato salad recipe because it can be served warm or at room temp, which makes it great for entertaining (or for picnics!). My full post with more photos and the full recipe is on the Better Homes & Gardens website today.


Cauliflower, Onion and Potato Latkes


Latkes (potato pancakes) are traditionally eaten during Hanukkah which is this week. My recipe is made just a little lighter with the addition of cauliflower. I used the grater blade on my cuisinart and threw the potatoes, onions and cauliflower in (but you can finely chop/mince the cauliflower if you don’t have one). The recipe makes about 10-12 latkes- I just do a heaping spoonful of the mixture for each patty. Be sure to use Russett potatoes- they are less moist. Using a non stick pan makes things go more smoothly, and about 2-3 minutes on med-hi heat per side should do it! Happy Hanukkah, enjoy!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

Mint Pesto Potato Salad with Cherry Tomatos


Last week my parents hosted a summer dinner party at their house in Sonoma County. It was such a warm night that we wanted to eat outside, however we had to stay under the netting canopy to avoid mosquitos! Dad BBQed chicken and we made lots of salads with goods from the garden. This Mint Pesto Potato Salad was a hit! Just make pesto as usual, but use mint instead of basil. Any kind of nuts would work, but we used walnuts. You can boil or roast the potatoes and you may need a touch more olive oil and a pinch of sea salt when mixing it all up in the bowl. It’s great warm or at room temperature. Enjoy!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast