Polenta Fries


Polenta Fries are a healthy snack that seem just a little indulgent, and they’re best right out of the oven. I have seen millions of versions of them online, but prefer this slightly breaded recipe for a bit of extra outer-shell crunch. They are great with any dip: marinara, hummus, pesto, spicy mustard, tzaziki….

I buy the pre-cooked tube of polenta and slice the rounded edges off to use for something else.  As always, salt to taste. One egg and a half cup of breadcrumbs is about right for an 18 oz. tube. You could also make your own polenta from scratch, and even mix things in (like feta, olives or sun dried tomatoes?).  Feel free to get creative with the breadcrumb mixture and add in dried herbs or spices. Or cut big triangles to make polenta “steaks” and serve it as an entree. Enjoy!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast