Farmers Markets of Silicon Valley


I had so much fun illustrating this map of farmers markets in Silicon Valley for the current issue of Edible Silicon Valley Magazine. My local market is the Mountain Goat/4 corners (see it?). There is also an article about Maggie, the woman who spearheaded that market, and I photographed her along with one of the farmers, Guillermo (whose flowers I am obsessed with and buy every week!).  I took this photo of them on the opening day of the market, so you can see it was still a little chilly. Now it’s bustling and warm and there’s live music, every Wednesday evening. So fun!

Please note this map is an illustration so it is not geographically exact or to scale, and we were unfortunately not able to fit all the markets in the area, but we chose some favorites, including some of the smaller markets that are mentioned elsewhere in the magazine.