Cookbook Recipe Preview


The cookbook is almost here! It comes out April 15th! (And for those of you who pre-ordered on Amazon, it should be delivered to you on the 15th).

There are 100 vegetarian recipes, inspired by living in our little cabin in the woods, and the local California produce here. Twenty of the recipes are favorites from the blog (like the 3 above) and then there are 80 new ones! (see some of them, here!) Plus the book is packed with lots of my watercolors and photos of the cabin and cocktail parties on our deck.

Just like the blog, everything is displayed visually like the recipes above, so it’s super easy to cook from. There are lots of upcoming book signings scheduled for the New York and San Francisco areas- see them here! More to come. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter for updates.

And of course, you can order the book HERE.

Happy cooking!

xx Erin