The Forest Feast is on vacation this week! The Mr. and I are in Oaxaca for a few days for our friends’ wedding. This place is so colorful and incredible! Today we went to the outdoor market and sampled some local fare, like chilacayota, a drink made of blended squash with corn kernels floating on top. Unusual and delicious!  Chapulines (fried spiced grasshoppers) are a popular snack around here- there are women selling them from baskets everywhere. I haven’t gotten the courage to try them yet, but hope to before I leave! Mole is big around here so for lunch we stopped in at a little stand at the mercado for enchiladas drenched in the most magnificent mole. For more pictures from my Mexican adventure, follow me on Instagram, @theforestfeast. Buen provecho!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast